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The American Bulldog Registry & Archives is a registry created by American Bulldog breeders for American Bulldog breeders.


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  1. I have two American Bulldogs (male and female) the female is about a year and a half and the boy is 8 months. How old can they be to get them papered? How do I go about papering them? When I baught the female they gave me papers from the breeders that they baught her from. The male I got him given to me by a friend, they said that he is pure bred, but the people they baught him from wanted a lot more money for the papers.
    Thank You
    Jessica Kennedy

  2. You can only get papers from the person you bought the dog from. Fill out the females papers and send them in. For the male, you will have to go to the people that your friend bought him from and pay them for the papers.

  3. So I have a question, I have my ABRA registration papers for my female but it asks to include a pic, so what kind of pic are you looking for? Do you want one of her standing like in a show or sitting for a straight on shot? Jusst not sure what you are looking for. Please let me know. Sincerely Tonya

  4. Hi, the best shot is a profile with the head turned toward the camera. The side with the most identifying markers is the best. A Microchip and DNA are both good identifiers too, please consider them.

  5. Hello, I have submitted my registration papers of my female Monroe, however on my registration paper there was only the Buffalo address to mail it to and I was not aware of the Canadian mailing address. Is this going to cause a problem that I sent it to the states instead of the mailing address in Canada, And is there any way to confirm that they have been received,. I sent an email but I haven’t received any correspondence on it yet. I Don’t mean to sound pushy just sent originals and are scared of them getting lost. Thanks so much Tonya

  6. Hi Tonya, your email instructed me to let you know when I received it, I will. Both addresses work. USA and Canada.

  7. Hello.
    We live in Sweden and when we bought our American Bulldog, they told us that he was registered in ABRA. We didnt get any papers from them. So my question is.
    Can we get the pappers/ pedigree, perhaps buy the pedigree of you? Or how does it work to get the papers on our american bulldog.
    Sincerely Magnus.

  8. Hi Magnus, you must ask the person that you purchased the dog from for the papers. I cannot give you papers directly, I do not know what dog you have.

  9. Hi.
    Okey. But he is registered in ABRA, cant you finde him in you´r register if you search on his chip number? Or it does not work that way?

  10. No, it doesn’t work that way, when you buy a puppy, the person that you bought the puppy from must give you an ABRA registration certificate. You must contact that person and ask them for the certificate.

  11. ok thanks for quick reply. also when I receive my puppys papers do I need to send in a pic of him? and when hes older do I need to send in a new photo to update his papers?

  12. Yes, you must include a picture with the application and you can update the picture and anything else whenever you want, the cost to reprint is $15, you may change one thing or 20 things.

  13. I have an american bulldog that was given to me and my family i would like to have another ABD but i don’t have the papers apparently the breeder that had him had someone interested in him as a puppy and put a deposit on him and the breeder gave him the his papers since he put a deposit the guy never came up with the rest of the money but she gave him the refund but he never gave back the papers and apparently he’s a rude person and have been told he probably won’t give them back so how can i go about gettin his papers?

  14. hi I am looking for some information on the bloodline of our AB, he passed away in august. we never registered him but we did register his full brother ( same mom and dad, different litter). He was registered with the ABA and i have copies of his bloodline and the numbers. He was born in 2003 but we are hoping one of his littermates or his brother’s litter mates continued the bloodline and there may be puppies out there.I am wondering if there is any way to track that through their registered numbers. i have tried pedigreesearch.com but i can only find their proceeding relatives and no offspring because i don’t know the littermates names. Any advice would be appreciated.

  15. Yes, please send me an email with your request, please include your name, your dog’s name and his ABRA #.

  16. Hi I’m going I to register my AB in a month or so what’s the cost I know it’s higher now since he’s over a year old but I just found he’s paper work since I moved any helpful answers will help thank you again

  17. I have an American bulldog he’s about 2 years old and I want to register him but I don’t know anything about his parents because he was given to me what should I do?

  18. Question. on the back of my form to purchase the Bulldog papers, It states the following, “Please make checks payable to L. Rose if in Canadian funds ABRA if in US Funds, payments made from other countries can only be made online with paypal.com to Email@ABRA1st.com or by Credit Card.” My question is could i pay with Credit Card if I live in the USA? I noticed on the form it has all the requirements to pay by credit card.

  19. Actually one last question. Can i Take a photo of each side of Registry Form using a camera and email in with the dog photo to start the process that way? or does it have to be scanned and emailed? Thanks

  20. Hi Leslie,
    Can you tell me exactly what I need to do to register our new puppy from Rockhead Bull Dogs in Sidney BC Canada. we have an 8 week old female that we need to get registered. Alex explained it to me but I would like to make sure I am doing the right thing.
    Alex has been most helpful and to be honest I have never seen a breeder so honest and open about his dogs and invited us right into his home. I have also noticed that he really loves people and loves his dogs and I have never seen anyone before look after their puppies and adult dogs so well. He has been 100% open about his breedings to my wife and I He hides nothing about his American Bull Dogs and has been helpful in answering all questions and has given me very helpful advice. I guess I am saying all this because I have never seen or heard Alex put down anyone else’s dogs but just says, “Everyone has their own style of AB” which I appreciate his style. Always happy and always helpful and his dogs are his life as I can tell be the way he looked after his puppies and made sure then go to very good homes and no punks looking for a tough dog, if you know what I mean …
    thank you
    PS thank you for the help also

  21. Hello Gregory, all of the instructions are written on the back of the temporary puppy certificate. Please read the instructions carefully, if you still have questions you may send me an email, email@abra1st.com

  22. How much is same or next day service to receive registration papers back and would I have to pay both fees for a 5 generation and 3 generation with pics or is it all one price of $45

  23. I have all the register forms filled out and a picture of the dog when it was 4 months old attached to it but the dog is a year and a half now do I need up to date picture or will what I have do

  24. Papers I have a female bulldog with the arf and mated her with a male from the abra and would like to change her over so I can get the papers for the puppies the papers r still in the old owners name I have the transfer forms from them but have
    Found it hard as they only take money orders and I’m in qld Australia am I able to transfer her over if I send copy of papers and transfer forms to use will u let me transfer her or how can I go about it as I’m find it hard to go thought the arf thanks for ur time Matthew

  25. We can register the ARF registered female, the fee is $50, I need her ARF papers, her pedigree, her photo and your contact information.

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