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ABRA Approved Titling Organizations

American Bulldog Association - Conformation Championships


American Bulldog National Alliance - Conformation Championships


American Pulling Association - Weight Pull Titles


A. WP Titles are earned after completing one of the following pulls
12 x the dog’s weight = WP1
18 x the dog’s weight = WP2
23 x the dog’s weight = WP3
WP titles are in certificate form and are available for $10, Chris Wells PO Box 92 Watkins, Co 80137 or email at

B. WP STAR Titles are earned after completing 100 pts towards each star title.
100 pts = STAR
200 pts = STARX2
300 pts = STARX3
STAR titles come with a certificate and a plaque for $20.

C. To order an APA Star title by contacting: Jerry Leist 2948 Wisecup Hill, South Salem, OH 45681. (967) 981-0847 or email

Iron Dog - Iron Dog Titles


National Kennel Club - Conformation Championships


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Hip, Elbow Scores


PennHIP - The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program - Hip Scores


Sporting American Bulldog Association


Working American Bulldog Association - Breed and Working Suitability Testing

Obedience/Temperament Test for WST/BST 1
WABA OB 1 (Obedience Title)
Protection Test for WST/BST 1
Test for WST/BST 2
AD (Endurance Test) Certification
Temperament Evaluation (TE)


If you are interested in hosting an ABRA show we are more than interested in speaking to you! Please call, 905-768-4446 or email.