Breeding American Bulldogs 101

Want to WOW your american bulldog puppy buyers?  Want them to tell EVERYBODY how awesome you are?  Be a breeder extraordinaire!

Exceed their expectations, in order to do that you must have a clear picture of what they expect, dig deep into the reasons they want to add an american bulldog to their lives, assure them that you will work with them toward that goal.

Puppy buyers like to feel assured that they purchased their new pride of joy from a competent responsible breeder and they like to tell their friends!

People like proof, they want to see your brood stock’s health certificates, champion certificates, working title certificates, they want to see your pictures on the podium, people like stories, make them a record book/scrap book/binder/album with all of the proof you have for the parent’s of their puppy!!  Fill it with photographs of the parents and photos of their puppy, the minute it was born, week one, playing, eating, sleeping etc, people love history, they want to look at the pictures and read the story of their pup.

Register their new puppy into their name for them, provide the registry with the fee, the photo , the new name and their contact information, request a certificate a 5 generation pedigree and a 3 generation picture pedigree, make sure the picture pedigree is complete.  Include these very important documents with their puppy’s scrap book/score book/training log/record book or binder.

At the very least guide them through the registration process, certificates and pedigrees are evidence of the past, a background for their american bulldog puppy, who came before, very interesting stuff, stuff that puppy buyers love, they came to you for a registered american bulldog, don’t disappoint, don’t make them wait for months for their papers, surprise them with quick full service!  Make them realize the importance of a registered dog, tell them about the dogs in their puppy’s pedigree.  Filling out registration certificates for first timers can be very complicated and confusing, let them know that you are there to help, assist them with selecting an appropriate photograph, one that they will be proud to show their friends or hang on their wall.  The more importance you place on the registration process the more your customers will realize that you are professional and take the business end of things seriously.

Add a list of upcoming events, dog shows, working events, local pet events etc.  Keep yourself informed, spread the news.  Connect with them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, share american bulldog related events, training seminars, working seminars, interesting american bulldog articles that you find in magazines and online.

Encourage them to attend training classes, join a training club or hire a professional trainer to show them how to develop the behaviour of their puppy, ease them into getting involved with their puppy, puppies that have jobs and activities are better behaved, better behaved puppies are loved and cared for more, their status in the family rises and it gives the puppy buyer more to brag about/share with their friends, their puppies are more welcome to attend get togethers with family/friends and co-workers, the puppy you produced also gets a great reputation!

Give them a training log, a place where they can record the advancements and achievements made by their pup.

You as a breeder should also be involved with a training club and have well trained adult american bulldogs that are welcomed and admired in social settings.  Be an ambassador for your breed!

Give them coupons for puppy food vendors and puppy supply vendors.  Make arrangements with your trusted suppliers.  If you like the american bulldog products that you are using, your puppy buyers will like them too.

And keep in contact with them, every time you win at a dog show, title a dog or get some health results back send them an email, fill it with photos!  Build a contact list of your customers.  Encourage them to give you feedback on the development of their pup, add the testimonial letters to your portfolio, add their achievements to your website, it will encourage your other puppy buyers to give some of these activities a try.

Info to come – buyers expectations, breeder expectations, finding the right homes for your puppies, testing the public expects, basic training, potty training those puppies, marketing and why it is important, contracts, puppy exercise, puppy socialization, appropriate toys and activities for the different stages of development, turning your kennel into something fantastic using the brood stock you have now, mentors and where to find them…

If you put in the effort, your american bulldog puppy buyers will be extremely appreciative and your reputation as a fantastic breeder will spread like wildfire!  Breeding healthy, confident, strong, courageous, agile, beautiful american bulldogs is a worthwhile goal, make it easy for your puppy buyers to spread the word.



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