Does Eukenaba make dogs live 30% longer? Truth revealed

Do you currently feed Eukanuba? It may a very healty dog food but can it really make your pet live 30% longer?  That’s what Eukanuba parent company Mars petcare have been claiming in some advertising.

The Federal Trade Commission recently took issue in August 201 with those claims and recently approved an order that bars Mars from making this and similar claims in future advertising unless it has scientific evidence to back up its claims.

The FTC’s complaitnt was that the company claimed but could not prove that a 10 year study found that dogs fed Eukanuba could extend their expected lifespan by 30% or more.  The FTC claimed that that longevity claims were false or unsubstantiated and the claim that longevity was proven through scientific evidence was false.

Under the final order settling the charges, Mars Petcare is barred from engaging in similar deceptive acts or practices in the future. The order prohibits the company from making any misleading or unsubstantiated claims that its Eukanuba-brand pet food or any other pet food will enable any dogs to extend their lifespan by 30 percent or more or live exceptionally long lives. It also prohibits the company from making misleading or unsubstantiated claims regarding the health benefits of any pet food, and requires it to have competent and reliable scientific evidence to back up any such claims.

Finally, the proposed order prohibits Mars Petcare, when advertising any pet food, from misrepresenting the existence, results, conclusions, or interpretations of any study, or falsely stating that the health benefits claimed are scientifically proven

Source: FTC Federal Trade Commission



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