We are pleased to announce same day email service for Europe!  All documents and payment must be received before 10 am our time Monday to Friday, otherwise completed certificates will be emailed on the next business day.

All correspondence will be done by email, payments will be made by or credit card and certificates will be emailed.  There will be an additional $3/document fee for hard copies to be mailed.  (To cover the cost of Printer, Toner, Paper, Envelopes, Postage, Transportation to Post Office)

Single dog registration is $50 USD, please send an application, a scan of the dog’s registration certificate, pedigree and a photo. Microchip numbers, DNA numbers, health test scores and all Championship and Working titles may also be added to your ABRA certificate, please include proof in your email.

Single Dog Registration Application

Both parents must be ABRA registered to register a litter, Single Dog Registration Applications may be sent in at the same time as the Litter Application.

Litter registration is $3/puppy.

Permanent papers can be provided for each new puppy buyer for just $30 each if the entire litter is registered.  We will send you the registration certificate and 5 generation pedigree for each puppy.  Breeder has to supply the name and address for each new owner and the name and photo for each puppy.  There will be an additional $3/document fee for hard copies to be mailed. (To cover the cost of Printer, Toner, Paper, Envelopes, Postage, Transportation to Post Office)  3 generation picture pedigrees for each puppy can be added to the package for an additional $5/puppy and lamination of all three documents for each puppy can be added to this package for $5/puppy.

Example 5 puppies: 5 x certificates, 5 x five generation pedigrees, 5 x three generation picture pedigrees, all laminated mailed to breeder’s address would be $230 USD  Puppy buyers are insanely impressed with this package!!  Worth its weight in gold for your kennel’s credibility.

Litter Application

Kennel registration is $50/year or $75/2 years.  You receive exclusive use of your chosen Kennel Prefix, full color kennel registration certificate and a listing on the Registered Kennels page of the ABRA website.

Kennel Registration Application

We are working on ABRA representatives from all of the European countries primarily to assist you with filling out forms that may be difficult to understand because of language barriers and to help answer questions that you may have about the ABRA and our products and services.  You are of course more than welcome to contact us directly by email.  If you like the ABRA and would like to help us grow in Europe please contact us with your request to become a rep for your country.  We will take 3 reps from each country.  ABRA Reps will receive ABRA products and services for 50% of the regular cost.  ABRA Reps will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions.  Terms and Conditions.

ABRA Reps from Europe will be listed here.

France: Daniel Burghardt, Unbreakabull American Bulldogs,

Hungary: László Pintér,, +36 20 427 5993,

Russia:  Olga Sushko,, +7-926-420-5107

Gold Star Litter Program

Breed Suitability Test

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