Hoosier Showcase

Hello, just a quick note to tell you how excited I am about seeing everyone again on the weekend at the Hoosier Showcase, please visit the Show Website if you need details about accommodations or the show site.

Irondog is playing a big role at this show so if you need info about Irondog please check the IRONDOG website.

I am sanctioning the conformation, all of the dogs entered in conformation must be ABRA registered, some of you have been busy sending me your registrations this week, thank you.

If your dogs are not ABRA registered you will be able to register them at the show!  Please bring a copy of your dog’s current registration certificate, pedigree and a photo stapled to a Single Dog Registration Form.  The fee is discounted to $20 for dogs entered in conformation.

Here is a link to the show entry form, please print one off for each of your dogs, fill it out and then photocopy it several times so that you have it already completed for the next ABRA show! ABRA Show Entry Form

I am available by phone, 905-379-4489 and by email, AmericanBulldog@gmail.com if you need help.

Please drive carefully!

Lesli Rose

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2 thoughts on “Hoosier Showcase
  1. Hello,

    I have a 2 year old AB female that has acceptable confirmation that I would like to show. My question is regarding the
    ABRA Breed Standard regarding eyes, it says cross eyes is considered unnaceptable. Know if the dog only appears to be slightly cross eyed only rarely does unnaceptable mean the same thing as disqualified? Meaning dog is not able to be shown? What about a dog that has ectropion? I have some dogs place at shows with what appears to be ectropion and or cross eyes. Confused. Thanks, Ger.

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