Litter Registration

Litter Registration Application

Welcome to the ABRA and Congratulations on your litter!

Here are some simple steps to getting your litter ABRA registered, if you need help with any of this please feel free to email me directly,

Step 1. Both parents have to be ABRA registered, don’t worry, it’s easy, simply scan and email your Dam and Sire’s registration certificates and
pedigrees or take pictures of them with your cell phone and email them to me,, I will also need pictures of both parents,
I will email you back with further instructions if I need anything else and I will also
send you a link so that you can make the payment, dual registration from one registry to ABRA is $60.

Step 2. Tell us the date the puppies were born.

Step 3. Tell us how many puppies are in the litter.

Step 4. Choose which litter registration package you want.

These prices are valid until the puppy turns 1 year old,
after their first birthday there is a late fee of $65/year.

Option #1 – NoFrills Package – Litter registration fee is $55, breeder gets transfer of
ownership applications for each pup emailed in PDF file format,
new puppy buyers submit the application directly and pay $60 for transfer of ownership, registration certificate, pedigree and photo pedigree emailed in PDF file format

50% off breeder’s keepers is available when the form is submitted with all puppy
buyer’s names and email addresses are submitted.

Option #2 – Gold Package – $45/pup, must register the entire litter.
Puppy buyer gets registration certificate and 2 pedigrees, one written,
one picture pedigree in their name with the pup’s new name and photograph
emailed in PDF file format, customer can print the files if they would
like hard copies.
Price for ABRA Registered Kennels – $35/puppy.

Keepers are always FREE for Blue Ribbon Litters.

Step 5. Make a payment for litter registration, I will send you a link that you can use.

And then this is the amazing part, this is what we are going to do for you!

We will make a professional graphic to help you advertise your litter with an ABRA logo on it so you can start building trust with your potential
puppy buyers right away, buyers love knowing that their puppy is already registered and getting papers will not be a problem!

We will post your personalized Puppies For Sale Ad on all of our Social Media channels!! Yes, all of them, our ABRA website, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and Pinterest!

And when your puppies have all found great homes we will contact your puppy buyers directly to help them get their new puppy registered in their
own name, total support from us, you can count on us to walk you through every step and help you answer all of the questions you might get from your
potential puppy buyers.

We will take the pain of getting your new pups registered away!