Online Registration

Same day service for Single Dog Registrations, Kennel Registrations and Transfer of Ownerships!

As long as everything is received before 10 am Monday to Friday your new certificates and pedigrees will be emailed back to you on the same day.  Late or weekend submissions will be emailed on the next business day.

Any of the registration certificates or forms and all supporting documentation can be scanned/photo with cell phone and emailed to

Payment can be made by, include the paypal receipt with your application. account is also

OR You can also simply supply your credit card number, expiry date, 3 digit code on the back of the card and the billing zip code/postal code for credit card processing and a receipt will be emailed to you.

If you would like to register a LITTER this way there is a $25 fee, puppy certificates will be emailed to you, you can print them out and give them to your puppy buyers and/or wait for hard copies to arrive in the mail.

Litter Application

Single Dog Registration Application

Kennel Registration

5 thoughts on “Online Registration
  1. Hi,
    I was checking to see what the approximate turn around was for the registration papers. I thought a digital copy would also be sent?

  2. i have used imported semen from another country. what is the process to get my litter registered online? thanks.

  3. Hi I am buying a pup and is wondering if I could register her but her father has papers and the mother doesn’t could I still register her?

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