Rules updated November 26, 2015.
The conformation portion of the show may be sanctioned by the ABRA and OBBA, and another organization. Dual sanctioning is allowed.

Dogs must be ABRA registered.

ABRA registration must be offered at the show for $30, $20 discount, regular registration fee is $50. Registration applications and the $30 fee must be submitted to ABRA upon completion of the show.

There may only be 4 shows per weekend.

Judges must be ABRA approved 30 days before the show.

American Bulldog judges sanctioned by other sanctioning organizations may be used.
Judges expenses must be covered by the hosting organization/club/person.
It is about $500/judge. If you are having 4 separate shows, you will need 4 judges.

Show results must be kept, and the results must be submitted to ABRA upon completion of the show, including a copy of every show registration form showing the arm band number and the individual dog’s results.
The Show Host is responsible for posting the show results and the number of points won by each dog within 1 week of the event, a link must be emailed to the ABRA.

A sanctioning application must be submitted and approved 30 days before the show.

Show must be listed on the Upcoming Shows page for 30 days prior to the show.

Dogs must be under control at all times or dogs and owners will be asked to leave the show grounds.

Females in heat may not be on the show grounds.

Owners must promptly clean up after their dogs at the show site and at the hotel. Points will be withheld from dogs that are not cleaned up after immediately. Show host must send an email to the ABRA to report non compliance.

Parents must keep their children away from the dogs unless they have permission from the dog’s owner.

Dogs that are not in the class being judged must stay at least 25 feet away from the ring.

Food and/or toys may be used as bait by handlers in the ring while the dogs are being judged but the handler must use every precaution not to interfere with someone else’s dog, the judge may ask the handler to remove the bait from the ring if the judge deems the bait disruptive to the other dogs. If the judge decides that the handler intentionally tried to distract another handler’s dog the dog and handler may be dismissed from the ring at the judge’s discretion.

The show rings must be at least 40 feet by 40 feet.

Judges may not judge dogs owned or bred by them, including offspring of their stud dogs, nor may the Judge show his/her own dogs at the event nor have anyone else show their dogs at the event. An exception will be made if the judge has to fill in for an absent judge, any points earned prior to the new appointment will remain.

The host may not compete with dogs they own or co-own at their show, clubs are exempt from this rule.

ABRA Class structure must be followed ie…
CMP3-6 months, CMP6-9 months CMP9-12 months, Best Classic Male Puppy, CFP3-6 months, CFP6-9 months, CFP9-12 months, Best Classic Female Puppy, Best Classic Puppy
SMP3-6 months, SMP6-9 months, SMP9-12 months, Best Standard Male Puppy, SFP3-6 months, SFP6-9 months, SFP9-12 months, Best Standard Female Puppy, Best Standard Puppy, Best Puppy In Show
CM1-2 years, CM2-4 years, CM4 plus years, Best Classic Male, CF1-2 years, CF2-4 years, CF4 plus years, Best Classic Female, Best Classic
SM1-2 years, SM2-4 years, SM4 plus years, Best Standard Male, SF1-2 years, SF2-4 years, SF4 plus years, Best Standard Female, Best Standard, Best In Show
One judge must complete all classes. If 2 judges are present a second ring may be begin with the other judge after the first class has been completed in the first ring.

Show hosts may offer an overall Best In Show trophy for all breeds but it is not ABRA/OBBA sanctioned.

If these rules are not followed sanctioning will be pulled and the points earned will not be allowed and the hosting organization will not be allowed to host another ABRA show.

If you are interested in hosting an ABRA show we are more than interested in speaking to you! Please call, 905-379-4489 or email.

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