Sanctioning Application

Application to host an ABRA/OBBA Sanctioned Event:

The cost of ABRA/OBBA sanctioning is $0/show, if you would like an ABRA/OBBA representative on site to assist with the running of the show the cost is $300- $500/event, please indicate whether or not you would like this assistance._____yes_____no, please attach payment with application. ABRA/OBBA rep will assist with registration, ring stewarding and results. (First time ABRA/OBBA show hosts must pay for an ABRA/OBBA rep to attend, if the show is cancelled the Rep $ will not be refunded.)

I understand that the judge must be ABRA/OBBA approved. The Judge may not show nor have anyone else show his own dogs at the event and he may not judge dogs produced by him/her. (An exception will be made if a judge has to fill in for an absent judge, points earned before the judge finds out he has to judge will remain.) The Judge may not judge anyone’s dogs that are travelling with the Judge. Initial___________

I understand that the Entrants must all be ABRA/OBBA registered and I will be responsible for the registration fee for any unregistered Entrants whether or not I collect the registration money from the Entrant. Initial___________

I will make ABRA/OBBA registration available at the show and send all applications and monies to the ABRA upon completion of the show. I will explain that incomplete applications will not be processed until completed, missing information can be emailed to Initial_________

I will keep track of the results of the show and submit a Show Report to the ABRA upon completion of the show. Initial__________

I will submit a copy of all entries showing the arm band number and the results. Initial_________

I will post the results of the shows including points earned by each Entrant on the ABRA message board upon completion of the show and I will handle inquiries from the Entrants about wins & points for this particular event. Initial_________


Email Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Event:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Event Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Club Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Entry Fee:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Time:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other Events:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





Show/Club website address for more show info:___________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Show Host, either an individual or the President of the hosting club.__________________________________________________________________________________Date:____________________________________

The ABRA will send conformation of approval within 7 days after submission, please scan and email this application to
Sanctioning application must be made at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

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