The Doug Craft Bulldog Benefit Show

Benefit show for the Bulldog Family Craft







Thank you to Julie Evans – Binghams American Bulldogs for pulling together the AB Community and Hosting this Event – Julie was ABRA Bulldogger of the Year in 2016 and this is exactly WHY! Julie is the ultimate Bulldogger, you ROCK, we all love you!

Please send a little something to help the Craft Family –

$5 or $10 or $20 or $100

Thank you to our Sponsors/Donators/Competitors/Ticket Purchasers!

United Alapaha Bulldogs

Vero St. Onge – Masterbully Kennels

Dog Days & Next Generation Crews

Christine Wills – Warrior American Bulldogs

Lance & Lori Falk – Iron Jaw American Bulldogs

Mike Evans – GSK

Mary Grillo – Best Buds American Bulldogs

Kim Evans – Anarchy Bulldogs
Julie Labranche – Bully Rascalz

Justin McKee – Center Bulls

Sandy Reeves

Darlene Thomas – BFM American Bulldogs

David & Kristen Lewis – American Bulldog Association

Connie Powell – Lakeview Harnesses

Beth Key – Apocalyptic American Bulldogs

Lance & Lesli Rose – The American Bulldog Registry & Archives 

Pete Castaldi – Volunteer Judge

Jennifer Clark – Volunteer Judge

Mary Wheeler – Volunteer Judge

Christopher Kelley – Volunteer Judge

Fabian Rodriguez & Joe Moraza – 30th State Bulldogs – Awards & Raffle items

Chris Smith – Broad Built Kennels – Raffle items

Erica Mason – Snot Slinging Kennels – Raffle items

Brandon & Suda Welch – Raffle items

Mary Wheeler – Stud Raffle – Winner – Melissa De Decker

Lisa Simmons – Stud Raffle – Winner – Jerry Leist

Fred Yelton – Stud Raffle

Lynne Carradine Hailey – Stud Raffle

Josh Ball – Stud Raffle

Jake Ballard – Stud Raffle – Winner – Darlene Thomas

Josh Garner – Stud Raffle – Winner – Chris Whitten

Judie & Morgan Burnett – Stud Raffle – Winner – Dannie Frost

Terry McCree – Stud Raffle – Winner – Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clar – Stud Raffle – Winner – Josh Morrell

Show Participants

Brandon & Suda Welch
Justin McKee
Tay Rathbone
Julie & Darrell Bingham
Heather Bohanon
Diane Donnelly
Christa Seitz
Mike Evans
Melissa De Decker
Emmanuel Johnson
Anthony Johnson

Benefit Raffle for the late Doug Craft