ABRA Reps Terms and Conditions

ABRA Reps must conduct themselves with honesty and integrity and deal with all ABRA customers and potential customers politely and with respect.  Any questions that cannot be answered by the ABRA rep must be forwarded to the ABRA immediately.  ABRA reps must reflect positively on the ABRA at all times. Your name will be removed from the ABRA website if we feel that you are not a positive reflection on the ABRA.  If you no longer wish to be an ABRA rep please contact us immediately to have your name removed from the ABRA website.  As a rep you may do as much or as little as you wish to promote the ABRA in your country but if approached by our customers you must respond in a timely manner with either the answer or a reply indicating that you don’t know the answer and a forward of the email to the ABRA.  In exchange for assisting the ABRA with our customers in your country and our potential customers in your country we would like to offer you a 50% discount on our products and services.