Breed Suitability Test

The ABRA strongly encourages breeders to obtain BST titles on their brood stock before breeding. Litters out of 2 BST titled parents will be called Gold Star litters. Buyers, please contact the ABRA for a list of current Gold Star litters.Breed Suitability Test

ABRA BST Requirements (fee $75, ABRA BST certificate and updated ABRA certificate will be mailed)

1.  Iron Dog Temperament Test or ATAN or CGC (CGN Canadian Equivalent) or ZTP

2.  Obedience Routine on leash (heel (regular, fast & slow, gunshots), sit, down, stay, recall, down in motion) (IPO BH, PSA PDC, French Ring Brevet will be accepted instead, if your dog has an equivalent title, email to see if it will be acceptable)

3.  Bitework (surprise attack, courage test, drives on both with jug of rocks, out) (IPO1, PSA PDC, French Ring titles will all be accepted in lieu)

4.  Three Mile Endurance Run

5.  Hip Score below the median or OFA Good or better

6.  NCL Clear

7.  ICH Clear

8.  DNA #

9. Champion status with ABRA or NKC or UKC or ABNA or ABEU

Testing will be offered at ABRA shows, please contact the show host of an upcoming show to let them know that you are interested in trialling.

2 other organizations provide BST titling for American Bulldogs.

FedAB and NWDA

All ABRA registered dogs with BST titles are welcome to a page on this website including photos, videos and owner contact information, please send the details via email,

BST Titled Dogs

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Boyd’s Alaskan Blizzard

Fulkvar’s Alexa of Mizpah

Gracie’s Fire in the Hole of EWK

Laz Hard Charger CPT Krunch of EWK

Schaefer’s Tango the Tank

Vanilla Stoli Double Shot of SAB

White Mountain Kennels’ Curse Reversed

White Mountain Kennels’ Twisted Crank

Wild River Cheyenne

Wright’s Lunatic