$12/mth Kennel Registration

Now offering for a limited time $12/mth ABRA Kennel Registration.

The real benefit of ABRA registration is the information you will get on how to ensure you are producing high quality puppies and how to attract ideal puppy buyers that will provide an excellent home and are happy to pay a premium price for a quality puppy. You will have peace of mind! Peace of mind is priceless.

All of this information is free inside the private ABRA registered kennels group.

How much is that worth?! Thousands of dollars over your time as a dog breeder.

ABRA Kennel Registration is an investment in your dogs and your future.

It is a 2 part strategy, 1. training, testing and titling your brood stock and 2. effective relationship building/marketing.

Scroll down for the benefits of ABRA Kennel Registration & THE LIST of HAPPY ABRA Registered Kennels!

Your very own webpage on the ABRA website with a link tree, the purpose is to help you with local search, here is an example American Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Redbank Plains, QLD, Australia

EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for ABRA Registered Kennels, the home of the 30 DAY KENNEL MARKETING CHALLENGE!

I will post pictures of your available puppies on the ABRA Instagram profile! www.instagram.com/abra1st
Message me through INSTAGRAM!

World Map of ABRA Registered Kennels

Your goal is to produce the BEST American Bulldogs
(we know because we are breeders too) your RESPONSIBILITY is to produce puppies that are healthy and temperamentally sound AND to find
them good homes where they will be properly cared for everyday of their lives. ABRA KENNEL REGISTRATION is an incredibly powerful
marketing tool, giving you VISIBILITY, EXCLUSIVITY, PRESTIGE and CREDIBILITY and the opportunity to build trust with potential new puppy owners. People buy from people they trust!

VISIBILITY – The Registered Kennels page on the ABRA website is the busiest page on our website besides the home page.
A link from this page not only sends you customers but also helps boost your website rankings in the search engines.

We will also build a page for you on the ABRA website with your contact information to help you with LOCAL SEARCHES.

Your KENNEL REGISTRATION GRAPHIC will be posted on all of our social media channels.


PRESTIGE – Sets you apart from unregistered kennels and backyard breeders.
(Proudly hang your ABRA REGISTERED KENNEL CERTIFICATE where kennel visitors can see it and on your website)

CREDIBILITY – Puppy buyers love to do their homework, they want to see THEIR breeder listed on the REGISTRY website; it also builds trust with strangers that don’t have the opportunity to meet you in person, it shows you have gone the extra mile by officially registering your kennel.

Join the ABRA Registered Kennels Family, gain access to the ABRA Registered Kennels PRIVATE Mastermind Group on Facebook where you can compare notes, challenges, tip and tricks with other ABRA registered kennels. This Exclusive Group is where we host our 30 day KENNEL MARKETING Challenges to help you help yourselves with your social media presence.

Protect the exclusive use and promote your kennel name by becoming an ABRA registered kennel, there is a fee of $100usd/year or $150usd every two years or $300usd for 5 years, enjoy the social media marketing that we will do on or behalf, the privilege of placing your Upcoming Litter Announcements & and photos of your American Bulldog Puppies in our American Bulldog Puppies the Good the Bad & the Ugly Facebook Group (25,000 members) and enjoy the SEO (search engine optimization) benefits of a link from our website to yours x three. (Registered Kennels page, your own contact page and on the puppies for sale page plus our zee map! You get a new link every time you register a litter)

Excellent feedback from Teresa Eichelberger

As a small breeder of American Bulldogs every once in awhile a pup or litter comes along that you get extremely attached to. Ike and Addie’s litter was a small litter but each and everyone of them are awesome. This male was the 2nd born and right from day one I knew he had a special calling for the right family. I never listed any of these pups for sale I knew I couldn’t keep them all, It wouldn’t be fair to the pups. A big Thank You to Lesli Rose and the ABRA website for listing me as a Kennel, I was contacted by a lady who got my info from the ABRA site. She had lost her 11 year old Male American Bulldog(and knew she could never exactly replace him) She had tried a female that didn’t work out. They were looking for a male puppy and before I knew it I offered her Bob. They really wanted a younger puppy which I completely understand I contacted a few of my fellow bulldoggers that were relatively close to see if they could help. I knew if I could get her to meet Bob, his personality and big heart would do the rest. I am pleased to announce Bob now Bruno has found his family. I couldn’t be any happier to know my old soul pup has his own kids.  See the original facebook post here!

ABRA Kennel Registration is ONLY available for Kennels registering their litters with the ABRA, please email your request. I need your kennel name, website address, facebook page, and payment.

ABRA Benefits

Advantages for Breeders:

HOT NEW BENEFIT for ABRA registered kennels!! I will post pictures of your available puppies on the ABRA Instagram profile! www.instagram.com/abra1st
Message me through INSTAGRAM!

HOT NEW BENEFIT for ABRA registered kennels!! 30 Day Kennel Marketing Challenge inside our exclusive ABRA REGISTERED KENNELS MASTERMIND facebook group, www.facebook.com/ABRAREGISTEREDKENNELS

ABRA REGISTERED KENNELS MASTERMIND facebook group, www.facebook.com/ABRAREGISTEREDKENNELS where ABRA Registered Kennels can meet, interact, make friends and learn from each other.

-We have a map on all of our social media advertising the location of ABRA registered breeders World Wide Map of ABRA Registered Kennels

MEWE GROUP for Advertising Puppies, https://mewe.com/group/5cf012f4caf61821714588b7

-We are happy to offer you Same Day Registration, if documents and payment are submitted before 10am, Monday to Thursday, you will receive your ABRA registration certificate that day, if late you can expect your ABRA registration certificate the next business day. Same Day Litter registration is available for $25.

-We accept, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards, PayPal and Email Money Transfers.

-We do Registration by Email, Messenger & Text

-Every litter registered is listed on our Puppies For Sale page so buyers can see the new litters as they are registered.

-We created a Naming Policy to ensure that the Breeder gets credit for the puppies that he/she produces – Breeder’s prefix remains at the beginning of the puppies’ names

-Breeders Name & Kennel Name are on ABRA Certificates, and pedigrees the breeders name is not on the NKC certificate.

-There are Photographs on the Certificates and Pedigrees.

-We offer 3 generation Photo Pedigrees

-All Health Testing Results, microchip numbers, conformation championships and working titles on ABRA certificates, no other registry will allow you to add another sanctioning organizations titles to their paperwork.

-My breeder customers can post photos of their puppies in my American Bulldog Puppies the Good, the Bad, the Ugly Facebook Group, www.facebook.com/groups/americanbulldogpuppiesforsale, an active community of 8500 members interested in the sale of american bulldog puppies.

-ABRA Facebook Page where announcements relevant to the AB community are made.

-ABRA Facebook Group where you can introduce yourself, your kennel and your dogs, build relationships with other American Bulldog community members

-Blue Ribbon & Gold Star Litter Programs

-Responsible Breeder Pledge, you can take the pledge and add the graphic to your Facebook page or website, showing people that you care and are a conscientious breeder of american bulldogs, click here for more information.

-All puppies are registered as NON BREEDING, unless the breeder specifically sells a puppy with breeding rights and changes the status in the ABRA database, registration of puppies out of that dog is impossible. All other registries register all puppies with full breeding rights unless specified by the breeder.

-Coming soon, photographs in the breed standard to make it easier to understand and evaluate your brood stock

-Marketing Assistance, Canva graphic created for litter to use for Social Media Marketing, posted in ABRA groups and other ABRA social media accounts.

-Social Media Marketing for litters and ABRA Kennel Registration and Champion Certificates.

-Search Engine Optimization for your website or Facebook page by linking from the ABRA website to your website when you have a registered kennel or registered litter

-Search Engine Optimization for Local Search, I build a page that includes, your city and state to advertise your litter on the ABRA website.

-Recent revisions to the breed standard DQ black, blue or chocolate american bulldogs, dogs that struggle to breathe, dogs that are extremely shy or aggressive, blue eyed dogs and dogs that have docked ears and tails

-ABRA Website Listing of all ABRA Registered Litters

-No 7/8 rule like NKC, if you breed an american bulldog to a different breed and create a 50/50 mix, you can breed that dog back to an american bulldog creating a 75/25 mix and then if you breed that 75/25 mix back to an american bulldog the NKC will register the pups as american bulldogs.

-We will not paper a dog that is not registered, the NKC will. If a person buys a dog on a non breeding contract and the papers say non-breeding, the person can register that dog with the NKC without showing the registration papers to get around the non-breeding status.

-I am a passionate American Bulldog Breeder, Show Host, Judge, Trainer and Registry Owner, the way I look after the registry, my customers, their dogs and the american bulldog community comes from that passion, I am down in the trenches with you training, testing, titling and picking up poop, I have 20 years of knowledge and experience and I am happy to offer you my support and expertise, I want to inspire and inform. I am available by phone, text, messenger and email to answer questions.

The advantages of buying an ABRA registered american bulldog puppy are:

-You also have access to me, my knowledge and experience, you can join my groups and ask questions about health, temperament, structure, training etc.

-We have built a safe community on Facebook in 3 groups, where you will be treated with kindness and respect. I closely monitor my groups and I approve the posts so you will have a safe place to shop without having to worry about scammers.

-Your puppy’s papers are full colour with a photo of your choosing, you can update the photo, the health testing results and titles as you raise your puppy.

-You can add all health test results, conformation championships, and working titles to your dog’s ABRA registration certificate.

-Your breeder’s name and kennel is on your dog’s certificate, your breeder’s name and kennel are not on your NKC papers.

I offer training and support if your desire is to become an American Bulldog breeder one day. Facebook page and group called Building Better Bulldogs

If anything on here is incorrect I am happy to update the information but at the time I wrote this, to the best of my knowledge the information is true and correct.

Welcome to the ABRA

Welcome to the American Bulldog Registry & Archives.

My name is Lesli, I own and operate the ABRA, I am an American Bulldog Breeder, Judge, & Show Host, I have 20 years of bulldog experience.

What can I do for you, how can I help you and support you with building the kennel of your dreams?

I want to put my experience and knowledge to good use. I want to impact, inspire and inform. I want to help you realise how great you can make your kennel and then help you create a step by step plan to get there.

Usually when I meet new customers they are at the stage of just producing their first litter and they come to me for help with registration. I can do that with my eyes closed! No challenge there. BUT what else can I do for you? I can help you sell your puppies, show you how to reinvest in your kennel and plan your next breeding. No need for you to try and do all of this by yourself especially if you are brand new to breeding American Bulldogs. Lean on me, use me and my resources.

Next step, join my group, Building Better Bulldogs, get involved with a community of people that have the same dreams and desires that you do. Join us on the journey of creating the next greatest American Bulldog on the planet.

Click here.


I spoke to a breeder recently that was worried about their own credibility when they discovered that delivery of their puppy certificates would take between 4-6 weeks. My response was to make sure that both parents were properly registered before the breeding took place and as soon as the litter hit the ground they should contact me with the details ensuring that they would have documents in hand when the puppies left at 8 weeks. After thinking further I came up with lots of other ways to establish your credibility as a breeder. Here is a list: Health test your breeding stock, advertise your efforts. When selecting a stud for your breeding program chose one with lots of titles, show wins and health scores. Pay your stud fee up front and have the stud owner sign the litter application when the breeding takes place. Train and trial your breeding stock, advertise your accomplishments. Ask your puppy customers for recommendations, advertise those on your website with lots of pictures and stories about your dogs. Show your dogs at conformation shows, add their wins and lots of pictures to your website. Be active in the American Bulldog community, be helpful, give good advice to new people. When you sell your litter, fully register each puppy and mail the new owner a certificate with their name on it, a 5 generation pedigree, a 3 generation picture pedigree all laminated. Align yourself with other breeders with excellent reputations and add their kennels to your website as an alternative to your potential customers. Please feel free to add your comments!

Outer Banks Bullie Bash

Thank you to everyone that attended this year’s Outer Banks Bullie Bash!  And congratulations to the winners!  The facility was perfect, the awards were the best of any ABRA/OBBA sanctioned show!  Sculptures from Matt Hicks, gorgeous!  There were over 150 raffle prizes and the silent auction was fantastic!  There were lots of events, Weight Pull, Irondog Titling, Fiestiest Puppy, Hardest Hitting, Sprint Races, Hang Time, an Irondog Triathalon and conformation for American Bulldogs, Shorty Bulls and Olde Bulldogges.  The traditional Sunday night apres show feast was delicious, so great to be able to kick back and relax with the OBX bulldoggers!  The beach house that I stayed in was second to none, gorgeous view of the ocean, super comfy and fully equipped with every amenity and a pool and a hot tub, Erica Mason, the show host went way over board to make her judges feel appreciated!!  Erica’s team, Ashley, Tommy, Patty, Zoe, Chuck and a bunch more pulled off an amazing show, thank you!

Hoosier Showcase

Hello, just a quick note to tell you how excited I am about seeing everyone again on the weekend at the Hoosier Showcase, please visit the Show Website if you need details about accommodations or the show site.

Irondog is playing a big role at this show so if you need info about Irondog please check the IRONDOG website.

I am sanctioning the conformation, all of the dogs entered in conformation must be ABRA registered, some of you have been busy sending me your registrations this week, thank you.

If your dogs are not ABRA registered you will be able to register them at the show!  Please bring a copy of your dog’s current registration certificate, pedigree and a photo stapled to a Single Dog Registration Form.  The fee is discounted to $20 for dogs entered in conformation.

Here is a link to the show entry form, please print one off for each of your dogs, fill it out and then photocopy it several times so that you have it already completed for the next ABRA show! ABRA Show Entry Form

I am available by phone, 905-379-4489 and by email, AmericanBulldog@gmail.com if you need help.

Please drive carefully!

Lesli Rose