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American Bulldog Puppies For Sale Facebook Group

Breeders, we have a very large, very active Facebook group for advertising your American Bulldog Registry & Archives registered american bulldogs and american bulldog puppies ONLY.

Puppy Buyers, only buy from breeders advertising their puppies on the page directly, do not buy from people that might contact you through messenger. I approve all posts so you can be assured that the breeder is real, they are my customers, and their dogs are ABRA registered. I am not able to approve comments before they are posted but when I see a comment posted by someone selling a dog or puppy that is not ABRA registered I remove the comment, if it happens a lot, I will remove that breeder from the group. I am trying to create a safe place for you to do your online shopping.

Breeders, this is a wonderful way for you to introduce yourselves to potential buyers, give them some information about you and your kennel, share pictures of your dogs, invite them to visit your Facebook page and website. People will only buy from someone that they trust, this is an incredible opportunity to build KNOW, LIKE and TRUST with people actively searching for their next American Bulldog Puppy.

Puppy Buyers, this group is a safe place for you to ask questions about American Bulldogs, health, structure, temperament, training, nutrition and anything else, there are breeders in the group with a ton of knowledge and experience.

Please join our awesome group!

American Bulldog Puppies For Sale Facebook Group