American Bulldog Puppies For Sale

american bulldog puppy sitting in front of tropical plants

Rosebull Dutch

American Bulldog Puppies For Sale Worldwide

This is a list of all of the American bulldog litters that are registered by the ABRA.  Many of the breeders on this list have american bulldog puppies available for sale now and some of the breeders will have a waiting list.  Please make direct contact with the american bulldog breeders on this list to find out what they have for sale now and what breedings they have coming up.  Although we can’t vouch for the quality of their dogs we can vouch that they have registered brood stock and their litters are ABRA registered.

American Bulldog Breeders

If you have a litter that you would like to register please click the link below, both american bulldog parents have to be ABRA registered.  You can register your female american bulldog by submitting a copy of the dog’s registration certificate, the pedigree and the photo first.  The fee to register a dog that is already registered with another American bulldog registry is $60usd.  You can register your male american bulldog the same way, certificate, pedigree, photo and fee.  The fee to register your litter is $50usd

Click here to register your litter.

ABRA Registered Litters of American Bulldog Puppies

American Bulldog Puppies Born in 2023



american bulldog puppies for sale near Lalor, VIC,  Australia

Pretty Solid Bulldogs – Lalor, VIC, Australia
BUB Shredder x BUB Luna
DOB: 1/18/2023
Lauren Cahill –

american bulldog puppies for sale near Fredericton, NB

Blue Ribbon Litter
Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs – New Brunswick, Canada
ABRA Registered Kennel #2137-05
BRBS Bay Area Bullies Logic PH .35 .27 NCL/ICH/HUU Clear x BRBS Great Lakes JJ, PH .37 .39, NCL/ICH/HUU Clear
DOB 1/17/23
Lance & Lesli Rose

american bulldog puppies for sale near Hemet, CA

adult male american bulldog standing in front of a citrus tree

JV’s Kamov 29

Golden State Bullies – California, USA
JV’s Kamov 29 x JV’s Savage Diva
DOB 1/6/23
Jose Velasquez

american bulldog puppies for sale near Florida

We Love American Bulldogs – Florida, USA
ABRA Registered Kennel #30520-20
Villa Fournier’s Buddy “Junior” Walton x Nova Walton
DOB: 1/3/23
Davette Fournier –


American Bulldog Puppies Born Before 2023

american bulldog puppies for sale near Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel

Blue Ribbon Litter
Faithfull Bull – Quebec, Canada
ABRA Registered Kennel #AB11335-10
BRBS, IGP3, NACSW-NW2 Hard Chargers Cpt. Jack of LMX PH .33 .31 NCL & ICH Clear x BRBS, IGP2 Faithfull Bull Cera, OFA GOOD, Elbows Normal, NCL/ICH/HUU Clear
DOB 12/17/22
Sonia Perusse –

american bulldog puppies for sale near Weslaco, TX

Strongside Bulldogs – Weslaco, TX
Deep South Bulldog El Chato x Deep South Bulldog Arya
DOB: 12/17/2022
Jose Luis Marines Jr. –

american bulldog puppies for sale near Stockton, CA

Greenshire & King Mo’s Kennel – Stockton, CA
King Mo’s Cannon x Greenshire/KMK Athena
DOB: 12/16/2022
Ishmael Green & Mohammed Alnaggar –

American Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Australia

Beefed Up Bulldogs – Hamilton, VIC, Australia
ABRA Registered Kennel #29380-19
BUB Declan x BUB Candy
DOB: October 28, 2022
Sebastian Nice
Hamilton, VIC, Australia

Rancho Palacios Bulldogs – Nuevo, CA
ABRA Registered Kennel #AB34130-22
KJK Kaine @ Bridgetown Bullies x Barragan Bully Bulldogs Lulu
DOB 8/27/2022
Alex Palacios –

american bulldog puppies for sale near Appleton, NY

Great Lakes American Bulldogs – Appleton NY
Great Lakes Teddy Roosevelt x Great Lakes Dottie
DOB: 8/18/2022
Dan Greenwald –

KG’s Beardies & Bullies – Shasta Lake, CA
Beyond Bullief’s 2 Face x Gregory’s Cali
DOB 8/15/2022
Kyle Gregory –
FaceBook Page –

RoseBull Kennel American Bulldogs – Harvey, NB
ABRA Registered Kennel #2137-05
Blue Ribbon Litter (both parents DJD/ICH/NCL Clear)
BRBS Valor’s Bulldog Mr. Lucky PH .30 .34 ICH/NCL/HUU Clear, ATAN, ACAL 1&2, RDT 1 x BRBS Bingham’s Tabby PH .59 .53 NCL/ICH Clear
DOB 8/15/22
Lance & Lesli Rose –

RuthlessBully American Bulldogs – Blainville, QC, Canada
Blue Ribbon Litter
BRBS Bully Rascalz Billy the Kid OFA Good, Elbows Clear, ICH/NCL/HUU Clear x
BRBS Mightybulls/Faithfull Bulls Pupetta Marescal OFA Good, Elbows Clear, ICH/NCL/HUU Clear
DOB 8/9/22 – 9 PUPS
Ernst Jr. Saint-Cyr –

Loucks Kennels – Milan, MI
ABRA Registered Kennel AB34000-22
LEK’s Apollo Creed of Loucks x KKBF Harley Quinn Loucks
DOB 8/2/22
Amanda Loucks –

Iron Bull Kennels – Hanover, PA
IBK’s Marbled Mayhem x IBK’s Ticket to Ride
DOB 7/28/2022
Rachel Gross –

WLAB Fournier’s Obi Happy x Fournier’s Kentucky Kismet
DOB 7/14/2022
Davette & Stephen Fournier –

Rain City Bulldogs – Milwaukie, OR
RHB Bruce x Maldonado’s Luna
DOB 7/1/22
Austen Corno –

Outkast Bullies – Ottumwa, IA
ABRA CH Souza’s Bark at the Moon @ Outkast Bullies PH .42 .49 x Outkast Bullies’ Identity Thief PH .41 .44
DOB 6/29/22