Less than 10% of the world population owns a registered pet, it is a BIG DEAL!

The paperwork that your puppy buyers receive with their puppies IS A BIG DEAL!

BLOW THEM AWAY! Use this as another opportunity to support and impress your CUSTOMER.

DO NOT SELL YOUR PUPPIES WITHOUT PAPERS! It cheapens your entire operation! (I would personally go as far as referring someone that requests a puppy with no papers to another breeder, that puppy buyer is not my ideal customer, I am looking for customers that are happy to pay a premium price for a registered high quality puppy)

All ABRA registered puppies are NON BREEDING so you can give all of your puppy buyers papers.

If you are specifically selling a breeding animal to a breeder you can easily change the breeding status of the puppy when you transfer ownership into the new owners name. Or you can change the status after the conditions in your sale contract have been satisfied.

If you do not have ABRA REGISTERED BROOD STOCK we will DUAL REGISTER purebred American Bulldogs ALREADY registered by the NKC, ABA, ARF, ARFE, EKC and the UKC only.

We do not register dogs without papers. We do not dual register dogs that have DQ faults.

To dual register your american bulldog please email the dog’s registration certificate, pedigree and photo. The fee is $60usd

Here are the litter registration options.

Click here to get more(information about registering your Kennel ABRA)

Click here to read a list of benefits for registering your kennel besides the litter registration discount.

No Frills package $50usd
Gold package is $40usd/pup ($30usd/pup for registered kennels)
Package descriptions below.

Option #1 – NoFrills Package – Litter registration fee is $50, breeder gets transfer of ownership applications for each pup emailed in PDF file format. The breeder should instruct the puppy buyer to contact the registry immediately and arrange to transfer the ownership of their new puppy, they will have to provide the registry with their names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, photos and transfer fees. REMIND YOUR CUSTOMER that if they wait to transfer the ownership there is a BIG late fee! Encourage them to do the transfer right away.

New puppy owners submit the application directly to the registry and pay $55 for certificate, pedigree and photo pedigree emailed in PDF file format.
These prices are valid until the puppy turns 1 year old,
after their first birthday there is a late fee of $65/year.

50% off breeder’s keepers is available when the Puppy Buyer Email form is submitted with all puppy buyer’s names and email addresses are submitted.

Breeder’s keepers are FREE from Blue Ribbon Litters.

Option #2 – Gold Package – $40/pup, must register the entire litter.
Discounted Price for ABRA Registered Kennels is $30/puppy at the time of litter registration.

Puppy buyer gets registration certificate, one regular 5 generation pedigree and one picture pedigree, in their name with the pup’s new name and photograph
emailed in PDF file format, customer can print the files if they would
like hard copies.

Keepers are always FREE for Blue Ribbon Litters. BLUE RIBBON LITTER INFO

If you bred your ABRA registered female to a non ABRA registered male you will have to ask the owner of the stud dog to get the stud ABRA registered before you can register the litter.  If the stud is deceased you will not be able to register it ABRA and the litter must be registered through the registry where the stud is registered.

If you bred your female to frozen or fresh chilled semen the stud dog must be ABRA registered and DNA must be on file.

Pedigrees are available to the owner on record for ABRA registered dogs, the fee is $20, please send the request by email with the ABRA # and ABRA registered name of the dog. We have 5 generation text only pedigrees and we have 3 generation photo pedigrees.

Updates of an ABRA certificate are NOW free! Email the updates

ABRA Champion, Jr. Champion and Grand Champion certificates are now free! Please send an email to with your request and new photo. ABRA Champions may be added to the ABRA website for $50, ABRA Champions with a BST will be added for free, simply email your request.